Nominating Committee Chair – Job Description

Role of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee plays an integral role in ensuring the Board of Directors and Board Committees positions are appropriately filled to support the organization as required. The Committee is responsible for recruiting and onboarding volunteer Board and Board Committee Members as directed by the Board of Directors and Board Committee Chairs.

Responsibilities of Committee Chair

  1. Lead the recruitment and onboarding of new volunteer Board Members and Board Committee Members
  2. Work with Board of Directors and Committee Chairs to identify personnel needs
  3. Work closely with Volunteer Coordinator to actively recruit for volunteer positions by advertising openings, screening applicants, and nominating suitable candidates
  4. Build and maintain pipeline and database of potential candidates
  5. Oversee and support the work of the Volunteer Coordinator
  6. Motivate, support and assist committee members with their roles
  7. Oversee the logistics of the committee’s operations and work, including assigning tasks and running meetings
  8. Initiate and lead the committee’s annual evaluation
  9. Work closely with the Executive Director and other staff to support volunteer recruiting initiatives as their availability permits
  10. Report to the Board of Directors on the committee’s work and recommendations
  11. Increase awareness of organization’s work, goals, and volunteer needs, including within own networks whenever possible
  12. Minimum 1-year commitment required


  1. Must be member of YouthSpeak Board of Directors
  2. Exemplary interpersonal and communication skills
  3. Strong leadership skills
  4. Excellent organizational abilities and attention to detail
  5. Comfortable interviewing and evaluating applicants
  6. Dedication, commitment and availability to perform all duties of Committee Chair
  7. Recruitment experience an asset

For information on the various Board positions, please click on the links. Volunteer applications can be found at the bottom of the team page. Interested candidates please send completed application form and resume to

“YouthSpeak is a tremendous organization with amazing people doing very powerful work. Our board of directors provides organizational leadership with a focus on respect, collaboration, and hard work. It’s not always easy, but it’s extremely fulfilling and very impactful. We are always looking for great people to join our team!”