“Be the rainbow of someone’s cloudy day…growing up, I was never the person that fit in with my peers and because of that, I found myself constantly being a target of bullying. Due to these experiences, my mental health was greatly affected, and I grew up as someone who lacked any confidence and self-love throughout most of my life. It took me a very long time to heal from my experiences after high school but when I did, I discovered this burning passion in me to not forget about what happened to me in school but instead, do something about it. During the time I experienced bullying, I always dreamt of a world where people can accept me for who I am instead of hurting me for it, but with those experiences, I now strive in making that dream a reality for youth today. I now want to use my voice that was once too afraid to be heard to now work on my mission it making my past, stay in the past for the many other individuals who are targets of bullying simply for being themselves. I hope that with my voice, I can inspire the change our school communities need.”