Youth Facilitator

“Never let someone’s opinion on you become your reality…Through life I have always been stuck in a victim’s mentality. I would always allow people’s thoughts and opinions control my life. I had a lot of self-hate in me and I never truly knew who I was. In high school, I lost one of my closest friends and from there I would bottle up any bad situations that would occur and that really took a toll on me. I thought I could handle everything on my own but it led me into struggling with severe depression and anxiety. I found it extremely difficult to open up to someone and it caused me to make some bad decisions through life. Dealing with these struggles, I started writing my thoughts on paper and then began writing poetry. Slowly, I started to see the beauty in life and that there is beauty in the struggle. I will never let someone’s opinion control my world. Now it’s my mission to use my voice to inspire change through vivid stories and different perspectives”