Youth Facilitator

“Growing up I was always the shy little girl that didn’t like to talk much due to that a lot of people trying to take advantage of my kindness. As well, they would talk down to me. As a result of that, I started to look down on myself as well because I started to believe everything others use to tell me. I would hear them say, ”You could never do anything you set your mind on because you’re not capable enough to do it.” I started to internalize every single thing that I heard. It made me have low self-esteem and it made me not want to believe in myself. But as time went on and as I’ve gotten older, I started to break out of my low self-esteem and my depression. I started telling myself, you can do anything you set your mind on as long as you try! That became my motto and I started to say it to myself all the time when I would feel like I’m getting overwhelmed. Now I can say that I am a  “Social Service Worker Immigration and Refugee” and I graduated out of the program with honours.”