‘Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.’…Thomas Edison…Throughout the big moments of adversity in our lives there are hidden moments that exist to inspire us, to awaken us and give us a chance to persevere for what we truly deserve. The struggle is that not everyone has the coping tools to understand/to acknowledge these moments. Many of us do not understand the significance of being aware of ourselves, to take a breathe and listen to our call. From my childhood and throughout my growing years I was constantly struck by multiple traumas resulting in PTSD, major depression and anxiety. I lacked healthy relationships because I sought validation from others rather than myself. It has taken years to understand I needed to ask for help, to find a professional to teach me the right coping skills so I can stop surviving and learn to thrive. Through a lifetime of self-reflection and recent trauma therapy I have understood that we are all human and we are not defined by our adversities but by our growth. As a speaker at YouthSpeak, I strive to be that 1% for others by sharing my 99%, so they can witness success is possible as long as they never give up!”