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As a teenager, I remember hearing the phrase “it gets better” and endlessly waiting for that to be the case for me. I spent most of my youth repressing my identity and wishing I could fit in. I focused on pleasing others and always tried to live up to people’s expectations of me. The more I tried to be someone I wasn’t, the farther I was going down the wrong path. I realized things wouldn’t start getting better until I started living my life for me. This process didn’t happen overnight and had many challenges. I had to face my insecurities and gain self-love and respect. After reaching out for support from those I trusted, hard work and perseverance, not only did things eventually get better, they got great. The things I so deeply wanted to change about myself when I was younger are the very things I celebrate today.

YouthSpeak - Empowering Youth through Personal Stories & Coping Strategies - Workshops and School Presentations Speakers

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We are currently recruiting people who have a passion to contribute to the overall well-being of youth by joining our Board of Directors and/or other volunteer opportunities. The benefits of volunteering include excellent opportunity for involvement in a meaningful experience, the satisfaction of making a difference in the community and with youth, an opportunity to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds, the development of effective decision-making skills and an increased understanding of group dynamics and relationships.

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