Youthspeak Empowering Youth through Stories and Coping Strategies - Presentations and Workshops

About Us

Engaging the power of stories for youth mental health.

Our Mission

To create important conversations promoting well-being, compassion and hope, by empowering youth to share personal stories and coping strategies through in-person and online presentations.

Our Vision

For all youth to be inspired and empowered to live resilient and meaningful lives.


School Boards

An Approved Program of:

 …and growing

Core Values


We value youth as an integral part of a healthy society where their potential is nurtured and supported and their voice is heard; when youth speak, youth listen


We embrace opportunities that encourage youth and strengthen resilience and self-worth

Youth engagement

We offer a continuum of high quality programs that embrace accessibility, inclusivity and diversity as a catalyst that provides meaning to the lived experience of youth


We work collaboratively with our community partners to build upon resources, experience and expertise in order to provide evidence-based programs that are empowering and meaningful to youth

Diversity and Inclusivity

We acknowledge the unique aspects of all people and promote greater self-acceptance

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