Awareness with Anew Knowledge & Experience
March 2nd, 2023 | 8:30AM-2PM
Valleyview Alliance Church  

(800 Davis Drive, Newmarket )

This Drug Awareness Conference will include:

  • Youth speakers sharing personal stories
  • Music & food
  • Interactive info booths/demos
  • Fun workshops & more
An opportunity for grades 9 & 10 youth who want to get involved, explore healthy lifestyle choices and learn something new.

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*Please register by Thursday, February 16, space is limited *


  1. Break Dance: In this workshop we will start with a warm up, stretching, and some dynamic exercises-to make sure the muscles are warmed up and it’s safe to do breaking elements. Then there will be 3 basic parts: Uprock which will include basic posture positioning and a few simple uprock combinations, footwork will be 3 step, 5 step, 6 step, threading and powermoves/tricks which will involve split the group in couples and we will work on basic hand stands, elbow stands, air baby, air chair and head stand.

  2. Martial Arts: You will learn basic maneuvers, as well as generic self defense and street awareness techniques. You will also learn skills in individual conflict/bully management and the legal responsibility regarding self defense & Shaolin Kungfu. We will have a brief discussion on Shaolin Kungfu in media/sport versus real life and the positive aspects of  Shaolin Kungfu.

  3. Belly Dancing: Bellydance is a beautiful and natural form of self expression for any level of dancer. Have fun learning moves such as the Camel walk and Snake arms to popular Middle Eastern drum rhythms. Let’s shimmy!

  4. Yoga: In this beginner introduction to yoga, you will be taught techniques that are easy for everyone to follow. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a 15-20 min beginner yoga class learning poses intended to relieve stress and anxiety. Please bring your own yoga mat and blocks, however, some will be provided. This routine can easily be added to your daily morning routine to promote good mental health.

  5. Knitting: Knitting has been a popular hobby and relaxation technique for ages. With more and more modern, funky and elegant designs available online, a bit of string, a couple of pointy sticks and a little bit of practice will take you far. In this workshop, we provide the needles and yarn and teach you the basic knit stitch, which is your first step to making hand-made items you love.

  6. Poetry: Poetry, as an art form, has been around for centuries, and can be studied and created in a variety of ways; this workshop will focus primarily on the basics, and how one might use poetry as a coping tool for big thoughts and emotions. We will learn all about the power of words, how to use that power in a creative & artistic manner, as well as how to create original poems from a less structured format with free-writing, and use literary devices and rhyming schemes to enhance the power of our words.
  • Light breakfast will be provided. Pizza, salad and a gluten-free quinoa dish will be provided for lunch. Please let us know of any dietary preferences or restrictions that would not be accommodated by this menu so we can plan lunch accordingly.

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