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Inspiring Hope and Empathy Through Personal Stories by Trained Youth Speakers. 


 Programs are Youth-Led, Interactive and Engaging

 Youth Speakers Training Includes: Leadership and Speaking Skills, SafeTalk (through the YRDSB), Brain Fitness, Mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Technique.


Positive Mental Health, Bullying Prevention and/or Addiction: Grades 4 – 12 One-hour interactive assembly includes youth speakers who share their personal stories with that are raw, real and relatable. This 45-60 minute session includes a Q&A, as well as interactives that build inclusivity, self-regulation and empowerment. The speakers give a message perseverance and encourage the students to use their voice and ask for help when needed. We also cover topics such as Healthy Relationships and Decision-Making.(Please contact us to discuss the issues that are most relevant for your specific group)

NEW Body/Mind Wellness Assemblies:  Youth speakers with lived experience share their personal stories with body image, eating and health challenges related to nutrition and fitness.  As always, these assemblies are interactive and engaging as the youth team guides students through information linked to the Phys. Ed. curriculum and activities that help them understand the relationship between nutrition and fitness with their mental health and well-being.

YouthSpeak & Toronto Marlies

Youth speakers team up with players from the Toronto Marlies to bring a strong message about resilience, character and overcoming obstacles. In this 75 minute assembly students will benefit from hearing the youth speakers’ personal stories as well be motivated by the voice of professional hockey players. (Afternoon assemblies only and limited number of bookings available)


Grades 7-12 Following an assembly facilitated by the youth team lead an interactive session to increase awareness and understanding of the specific issues addressed built on the themes of stigma-reduction, resiliency and self-discovery.

POST-SECONDARY: Large Group Presentation

Approximately 45-60 minutes - Youth with lived experience share their personal stories with mental health and related issues to create a safe space for students to ask for help, give hope and help them feel less alone. Information on various mental health challenges to increase awareness and decrease stigma, tips on how to support a friend and a list of resources are provided.

Small Group Workshops

Approximately 60-90 minutes - Youth with lived experience share their personal stories with mental health and related issues. Youth speakers guide the students through an interactive session of learning tools for coping and building resilience.


Youth speakers offer practical exchanges that are eye-opening, real and raw through their personal stories as they travelled the path from struggle to improved wellness. The speakers share how their struggles influenced, not only themselves, but their friends and families, and provide caring adults with tips on how to create a safe space for youth to talk.

Annual AWAKE conference

Grades 9&10 A youth drug awareness conference held in March each year that provides students with an opportunity to hear the personal stories of youth speakers, engage in a range of fun, positive activities such as breakdance, martial arts, poetry-writing, graffiti arts, belly dance, crafts. As well, explore community agency interactive booths and demos.


We provide presentations for school councils, conferences, AGM’s and many other community groups. Our youth speakers add meaningful impact to the successful outcome of events that address the needs of youth.

Lunch N’ Learn

Employees are provided with two options: 1) Self-Care related to mental health and well-being. This workshop is facilitated by Una Wright, Founder of YouthSpeak who shares her personal toolbox of coping strategies. 2) Youth Share Their Personal Stories to increase understanding of issues relevant in the teen years such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, bullying, addiction, as well tips on how to create a safe space for youth and information on resources.

We are now offering workplace Lunch ‘N Learns: Mental Health Self-Care and Youth Mental Health

Public Speaking Workshop

Within the context of a youth-friendly and engaging format, youth speakers will share skills on how to access their inner voice to impact and add value for the audience. This interactive workshop will focus on personal strengths, address barriers to confidence, and provide a safe space to practice public speaking skills. Participants will learn tools for dealing with self-doubt and nervousness; build a basic understanding of putting together and presenting a speech.

Special Projects

Each year in March we hold an annual youth drug awareness conference A.W.A.K.E. (Awareness with Anew Knowledge & Experience) for York Region grade 9 & 10 students. 

AWAKE conference 2018 planned for MARCH 7th, 2019 at Valleyview Alliance Church, Newmarket.

 Annual Conferences We Participate in:

Youth Voice mental health conference

Ontario School Counsellors Association Annual Conference

Please contact Una Wright, Team Coach for further information or to book: 905-967-0604 or