Content Development Lead, Youth Facilitator/Speaker

“Growing up, I lacked motivation. I would do what was required of me, but never really reach out beyond that. I didn’t want to join sports teams, or get into instruments or extracurriculars from my own desire. Almost everything I did was because I was asked to, not because I truly wanted to. I struggled to motivate myself and didn’t see the value in exploring different interests.

It wasn’t until I found my passion when I realized what I wanted to do and found my motivation. I wanted to become someone who could support others. I started working on my physical health, which in turn improved my mental health. I became someone that my friends and family could rely on in times of need. With my story and experience, I hope to help others find their motivation, and become someone who they want to be.”

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We are currently recruiting people who have a passion to contribute to the overall well-being of youth by joining our Board of Directors and/or other volunteer opportunities. The benefits of volunteering include excellent opportunity for involvement in a meaningful experience, the satisfaction of making a difference in the community and with youth, an opportunity to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds, the development of effective decision-making skills and an increased understanding of group dynamics and relationships.

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