Youth Facilitator/Speaker

“I’m not sorry for wanting what I deserve and I’m not afraid to walk away and find it”-RH.Sin

I share my personal story to inspire youth to discover their inner power potential and the courage to stand up for themselves. Growing up, I often searched for love and acceptance by seeking validation from external sources, specifically from friends and social groups. I would change my personality and behavior to fit in, because I believed it was easier to be liked by playing the role of someone I was not. Many of these friends did not make me feel good, but I stayed due to my fear of being alone, specifically I feared being seen as someone who was rejected or excluded. So I stayed in unhealthy relationships; I believed feeling accepted came first. My determination to be liked by others, even society, led me to neglect and overlook my most important support system, which is myself and approving of the person I am. It took time, and I unlearned many unhealthy thinking patterns, but today I have learned the power of self-love, self-worth, self-esteem and being comfortable in my skin, unapologetically of course. Now, I focus on being proud of how far I’ve come and validating my feelings.  I want to teach kids to ask themselves, before they compare themselves to others or rely on someone else to make them feel good, “What do I hope this person will tell me?” and tell it to themselves. Many of my stories focus on bullying, inclusivity and self empowerment/self acceptance.

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