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Having confidence in yourself is the key to making your dreams come true. Growing up was a difficult time for me.

I was constantly getting bullied and I felt alone and abandoned which made me feel  angry so I was lashing out often, and led me to be in trouble quite a bit. Because of this, I was in and out of home and living on the streets for a while. Doing drugs and still lashing out, my mental health was at a all time low. I struggled to fit in and find reasons why I should put in the energy, and constantly belittling myself made me feel worse. Because of everything that was going on I was hospitalized a couple times for my mental health and was finally able to open up.

During this time in my life, I came to the realization that change needed to happen. So, I went back to school and I kept fighting and challenged myself to flip the negative thinking around. My mental health slowly got better through positive affirmation and the confidence to push through. I found a partner who accepted me and encouraged me to graduated school. I am now going to college and I have stopped using drugs. Because of my experiences I am very active in trying to make change for other youth and young adults who might be facing the same challenges. I know it can be difficult “Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows it can cold and harsh and will beat you down if you let it, the thing about life is that you have to get up and Fight” Rocky Balboa.
Have confidence in your ability to fight through obstacles and it will be as if the doors you thought were closed off, are open all of a sudden.

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