We Have all Been Playing It Too Small

It is time for greater change. I believe it is time for all of humanity to step up and be true to ourselves – to be brave, experience genuine peace and have a voice of strength and compassion. We all have been playing it too small!

What could it look like? Every child is free to speak positive words to themselves and to others without fear of ridicule. Every child values and cares for Mother Earth. Every day they are encouraged to dance, sing, run with great spirit. Each child gives thanks, not because they are told to have good manners, but because they are being taught to be grateful for EVERYTHING in their lives, and this gratitude becomes a natural part of their experience. Every child learns to breath when they are stressed or upset. Every child grows up with a deep understanding of their connection to every other child. They understand the power of creation in their own thoughts. And every child knows their value as a unique human being during their time on our planet, no matter how long it may be.

This is our birthright…and yet, it seems to me that we have missed creating this experience. The good news is that it is never too late. Each of us has the potential and capacity within us to create a life that fully and freely expresses itself in this way.  I am making a commitment to no longer play it too small…and for others who haven’t already taken this step in life, I put a positive challenge out to you!

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