There is nothing like getting outdoors for a good brisk walk either on my own for mental clarity or with my family allowing an opportunity for great conversation. When I am on my own, I am always amazed at the ideas or answers that “pop into my head” when I am in this space. When I am walking with family, the heart-to-heart conversations that happen organically are wonderful. When we reach the top of the hill on our favourite walk, I kick off my sandals because I love to feel the grass under my feet and connect with the earth. The feeling of soaking up the suns rays and that awesome vitamin D, and breathing in the fresh air when there is a warm breeze is undeniably refreshing.

Even though I do not a science background nor I am a clinical practitioner, I appreciate the science that is so prevalent today which support this mind/body connection! In fact, I value this so much so that we created a mind/body assembly to bring this great information to students – in a youth-engaging format, of course.

But you don’t have to be interested in the science to experience firsthand the benefits of getting outdoors, along with a number of other practices for overall well-being; including eating nutritious foods, being physically active in other ways, having positive meaningful things to do, and a toolbox of coping strategies. I love exploring new ways of dealing with stress and maintaining a positive mindset.

Also, I enjoy the challenges of creating recipes for sweets that have a balance of nutrition and taste great. A reminder that drinking lots of water is so important to add to an overall holistic approach to improve or maintain health; and you’ve got a perfect mix for experiencing a sense of wellness in your life.

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