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As my eye caught a squirrel out the window one day, I found myself fascinated as I stood and watched it very busily digging something out of the grass. My fascination with it reminded me of a time when my husband and I visited Sedona, Arizona for our 20th wedding anniversary. We were in awe by the little lizards that were in abundance, climbing up the brick on the outside of people’s homes which, for the people living there, was a common sight.

As well as lizards, one of the things Sedona is known for is their beautiful red rock. We very much enjoyed the tremendous landscapes and endless grandeur of red rock formations wherever we went. I remember thinking how blessed are those who live there to be “in” this beauty all the time.

When driving back from the airport as I was looking out the window at our Ontario landscapes of endless rolling hills of green, I realized then that anyone living in Sedona or other beautiful parts of the world would feel that same sense of awe that we did about the red rock.

The message for me in this insightful moment was that our blessings in life are often right in front of us, within us and around us. They show up in various forms, but they are ever-present, we just have to stop and notice them. The feelings that accompanied this insight was gratitude and a sense of peace and serenity that each of us is a part of the grandeur of life in all the ways it shows up in our lives. These moments may come upon us unexpectedly, but we can also create them with deliberate intention. When we are mindful to pay attention to the beauty and the gifts that are part of our experiences everyday, we generate more of them. So, I encourage you to take moments throughout the day to notice the squirrels, rolling green hills, the lizards and red rock in your world.

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