Planting Seeds

While out running errands one day, I was gifted with two acts of kindness within about a 5-minute time span! One person offered for me to go ahead of him in line as I had fewer items than he did – I very much appreciated his thoughtfulness. The second person waited and held the door for me while I ran to accept her offering. These were two small gestures, but they put a smile on my face and gave me such a good feeling! My thought was that this lovely mild weather is putting everyone in a good mood with the hint of warmer days to come.

These small gestures remind me of what spring is all about as we start to see buds break through the ground that eventually blossoms into beautiful plants and trees; more and more people make their way out and about; slowly we see the patio furniture coming out, the street festivals begin, and our communities are buzzing with colour and activity. So much of life is about planting seeds – in nature, in small gestures that boosts someone’s day or in life when we provide a seed of hope to someone who is struggling.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that such a small seed can actually grow into such a magnificent thing in life; and yet, it happens all the time. Sometimes we are fortunate to see the result and the miracle that it is, and sometimes we will never know the impact we may make to another person with our small actions.

Planting seeds isn’t about always getting to see the difference we make, it’s about having faith that we do make a difference in ways that may be beyond our scope of understanding. Just like the seeds that nature plants in abundance without any concern that they won’t have value or meaning, it just plants with pure faith that some of them will grow; which will, in turn, plant more and so it goes.

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