How Let’s Roam Gets Youth to Spend Time Outdoors

Youth today face mental health challenges like never before.

New stressors, including equity-related concerns and online matters, have increased, along with general concerns about their futures. Young people continue to be exposed to large amounts of information (some of it inaccurate, much of it confusing) that impacts their understanding of these issues and their own sense of inclusion and empathy towards others.

YouthSpeak’s team researches the effects of young people engaging in outdoor recreational activities and their participation in the community, and its positive impact on youth mental health. We also research the positive physiological changes youth experience when they participate in team-building events and outdoor adventures such as improved cognition and creativity, less stress/rumination, and improved relationships.

Our research-based evidence shows that youth and young adults need to be spending more time outdoors as well as in social groups for that healthy serotonin boost.

YouthSpeak’s Team

Let’s Roam scavenger activities are a perfect youth activity that promotes that much-needed exploration and connection. 

What’s Let’s Roam?

The youth outdoor and indoor family scavenger hunts encourage problem-solving and team-building skills (healthy brain exercises), while promoting family time, collaboration and situational awareness. Let’s Roam’s City Scavenger Hunt is a family fun activity that allows youth to explore new cities, famous attractions, and hidden city gems. 

How Youth Can Grow from Let’s Roam

This is an excellent way for youth to practice much-needed teambuilding skills with a competitive fun of riddles and trivia.  Youth can learn historical city facts and travel through exciting neighbourhoods. YouthSpeak’s research shows sports and problem-solving games aid in supporting children’s emotional development, and how they interact with their peers. Our facilitators encourage problem-solving activities for mind stimulation, which can boost confidence and self-esteem. Problem-solving scavenger hunts are an excellent way for youth to practice their discipline and resiliency while getting a healthy adrenaline rush.

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YouthSpeak would like to thank LetsRoam for their donation to our auction and for generously contributing to our organization.

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