The value of gratitude

The value of gratitude is worth talking about over and over because it’s so easy to forget to be grateful. Our brains are wired to want more, so in our wanting more we often lose sight of what we have already been given or what we have achieved. There is a reason that are brains are wired to always want more, it’s what gives us the motivation to continue setting goals, moving forward and striving for success. As such, it takes practice to be mindful of being grateful in those moments when our desires are very strong, and yet we’re feeling that perhaps we’re just not getting there.

One day I was sitting on the swing on my back deck – a typical place for me to sit and either meditate or just ponder life. It’s so tranquil and I get the best of the weather in the warm sun under the shady canopy. On this particular occasion, I was feeling a little frustrated that the universe was not making things a little easier for me. I was feeling quite sorry for myself for how hard I always seem to have to work. But then my more evolved mind reminded me that I really love the feeling of gratitude. Being grateful always makes me feel better, more empowered and hopeful about the future. At that point I was able to take charge of my thoughts and did exactly what you would expect, I started adding up all the gifts and all the achievements over the past year. I quickly realized how most of them had, in fact, materialized or at least were well on their way. It led me to feel grateful for the things that have yet to come because I felt a greater sense of knowing that they too, will come.

It was a beautiful reminder for me; as human beings, we need them. The next day a wonderful gift came that moved things along even closer to achieving the last few goals. I was so pleased that I had empowered myself by being grateful before I received the gift.

When you’re working hard and waiting for that pleasant surprise or that miracle of change to come to you, enjoy the feeling of gratitude in simply knowing that it will in its own timing. In this state of mind and emotion, there is a letting go of needing to know when and how; these can create blocks. Instead allow that feeling of gratitude to move through your body and simply enjoy the good feeling.

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