My business coach Julie Flippin in her words of wisdom one day reminded me that giving and receiving are on the same vibrational level; meaning that our energy, which shows up in how we feel in our body and mind, is the same when we give from the heart and when we receive. If this is the case, then there are two very key points to remember. Firstly, people who are very accustomed to giving but perhaps less comfortable with receiving would, through this awareness, technically find it very easy to learn to receive…that is good news for them!

Secondly, based on this truth which science is now proving it is, giving to others through acts of kindness cycles back to benefit the self. So, for those who are less accustomed to giving, they may want to consider increasing their acts of giving or kindness behavior because, ultimately, they are improving their own well-being.

Do a little test run by consciously choosing an act of kindness and see what happens within yourself. Notice the little “feel-good” receptors in your brain light up.

It can be as simple as holding the door open for someone behind you or something bigger like going out of your way to walk over to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to and give them a genuine complement. The bottom-line is that it feels good to do good, and feeling good is good for the body and the brain.

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