YouthSpeak Partners with BounceBack Ontario

Introducing…Our Newest Partnership!

We at YouthSpeak are excited to announce our new partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)and BounceBack Ontario! Through this collaboration, we aim to promote youth mental health awareness and foster more empowered and resilient lives among youth across the province

Youth experience different systemic and social stressors and challenges in their communities, schools, homes, and interpersonal relationships.

Their daily functioning, like getting up from bed and doing homework, and health and well-being can be adversely impacted. They can be trapped in the vicious cycle of stress and trauma. Some youth can experience chronic mental health conditions or symptoms, like depression and anxiety. Canadian Institute for Health Information (2022) and CMHA (2021) report that there is a high prevalence of Canadians, excluding Indigenous Peoples, with 3 in 5 children and youth, ages 12 to 24, who are unable to access mental health care because of unavailability and inaccessibility.

Programs like BounceBack Ontario are much-needed in equipping youth with practical life skills, tools, and strategies to support them in navigating different life circumstances and situations, and overall, leading more fulfilling lives.

What is BounceBack?

BounceBack Ontario is a free, confidential skill-building program for individuals over the age of 15. BounceBack can help teens who want to manage low mood, depression, anxiety, stress, and other worries more effectively. It offers access to the following:

  • One-on-one interaction with a friendly and approachable coach trained in youth mental health over the phone to support youth in working through the booklets and in reflecting and applying the tools and strategies in their lives
  • Access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)-based workbooks and online videos

BounceBack coaches and participants will have an opportunity to reflect and discuss what they have learned and plan the next steps of their individual journey. Even after the program is completed, participants have access to the BounceBack materials.

How can BounceBack benefit youth?

BounceBack Ontario is based on research evidence. CBT teaches people how to reflect on their thoughts and behaviours to better manage their feelings or emotions, resulting in improved development and well-being and balanced thinking. It is commonly used for depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, and other mental health and substance use concerns. 

With this, BounceBack is a unique program because…

  • Youth, along with supportive coaching, can explore different topics related to tools and strategies for their thoughts, emotions, and confidence to improve their overall mental health and well-being.
  • Youth develop resiliency through different and practical coping tools, skills, and strategies, including identifying and challenging unhealthy thought patterns that can lead to positive changes in their lives.
  • Youth are empowered since they can choose when to start, what modules to work on, and how they will apply the knowledge in their own lives.
  • Youth do not need permission from a health care provider or caregiver to sign up for this program.

This collaborative partnership will significantly contribute to youth mental health awareness and available supports for youth in making positive life changes! YouthSpeak will share BounceBack information during assemblies by integrating some of the tools and connecting youth to the appropriate program materials.

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