Empowerment through Self-Regulation

As we approach the doorstep of September it brings the feeling of new growth and opportunities. This can trigger a range of emotions – excited anticipation, but also anxiety and overwhelm at what challenges may come. We live in a fast-paced, uncertain world where we are seeing an eruption of turmoil, while at the same time, a spectacular movement towards positive change. Those of us who are changemakers are passionate about bringing a message of hope and possibilities.

The YouthSpeak team has been a large part of this positive movement for the past 14 years making a difference in the lives of youth and the caring adults in their lives. More and more we are recognizing the importance of, not only inspiring others through personal stories, but that youth and the caring adults in their lives need to feel empowered to face life’s challenges. As such, we have integrated a series of self-regulation tools into our various presentations in order to give the participants practical take-away tools that are simple and effective. Our programs bring awareness which opens the door for a teachable moment, when resilience-building activities are interjected to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference.

In response to an increase in requests to speak to parent groups, we are now offering workplace Lunch ‘N Learns to support a broader community in their journey toward greater wellness: Mental Health Self-Care where I will share my personal story of lived experience within my own family, as well walk employees through a number of the coping tools I use to maintain a strong spirit, positive mental health and overall well-being; and Youth Mental Health where employees will be inspired by personal stories from youth and tips on how to create a safe space for them to talk.

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