Transitions Generate New Growth

It must be human nature to have issues with change because, I think I am safe to say that most of us do. We tend to push for a change related to something that we really want, at the same time hold on to the habits, relationships or circumstances that resist that change. Fear plays a big part in this struggle to let go; and it’s understandable because, even when something is not working in our lives, it’s familiar. Familiarity is comfortable; or so we tend to be under the illusion that it’s comfortable. But really, how comfortable is being stuck in a cycle of recognizing a change is needed, desiring a change, but resisting changing the behaviours that will prompt it. It does take courage to make changes, and it takes perseverance, inner strength built, and a leap of faith! However, when we do allow and embrace change, it is probably the most liberating thing we can do for ourselves. It is also essential to our overall wellbeing.

So, go ahead and give some thought to a change you have been wanting to make, take that positive risk and enjoy the journey. Our team always includes some self-regulation and awareness tools for the audience to take away. One of our favorites is Power Stances which are a simple way to reduce anxiety, improve ability to deal with stress and boost levels of confidence! These poses can actually change the way we feel and how we are perceived by others. Doing these poses for at least 2 minutes a day can help increase levels of testosterone that boost your confidence. They also aid in decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, allowing you to handle situations more effectively and stay relaxed.

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