Overcoming Difficulties

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”Leonard Cohen. One of my favourite quotes because even though we grow from them, how many of us welcome the experience of too many “cracks” in life just to let more light in! But they happen, and when they happen it helps to know that it is through the process of acknowledging our cracks, we build character and resilience – if we choose, and that is the operative phrase – if we choose to view life in this way.  For me, this belief has brought a sense of peace and meaning to my life during difficult times, like an anchor establishing a sense of being grounded. That anchor can be created through gratitude which can, at first, may seem counter to what we are feeling in the moment. However, when we can slowly bring ourselves to naming our blessings in life which may be as simple as the sun shining or as significant as good health, we begin to see our challenges in a new light. The holiday season, although in essence is a time of joy and celebration, it can also be a difficult time for those who have or are experiencing loss of any kind – loved ones, home, health.

On occasion, when I get the opportunity to put my granddaughter to bed at night, we always review the day by naming a happy thought and something for which we are grateful. More recently, she has added a sad thought which, most of the time, has been related to something as simple as not being able to have a treat after supper. This experience has been a good reminder to me of what I already believe, and that is the beauty in acknowledging our whole experience – all feelings and all experiences, even the difficult ones. Whatever your experience of this holiday season is, I hope that you experience joy and peace wherever you may in your days.

Thanks and happy holidays and travels!!

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