“I am who I am with all my faults and my mistake” – Rm (BTS)…I really connect with this message because in the beginning of it all, I hated that life was hard and I made so many mistakes constantly. I was a small town girl, feeling like I am really living in a lonely world with problems like depression, anxiety, and discovering my gender identity and my sexuality. I felt so alone all the time because my problems consumed me and I couldn’t tell anyone because I thought I would be a bother to the people around me. But when I start getting myself the help I needed, and a little help with a push from my loved ones who were concerned for me, I flourished! I now love myself with my gender fluidity, pansexuality, ADHD, depression and anxiety. It may cause challenges for me, but I have learned to get through it. I am now a small town human being, loving myself in every way possible.”